Terms and conditions

Aromatherapy practitioners recognise that every individual reacts in their individual way to the potent effects of essential oils. In order to minimise customer discomfort and product waste a small ‘tester’ dosage, taken from the same batch and contained in a separate jar, is included with each order. Before breaking the seal on the main bottle, perform a patch test of the tester lotion on the back of your hand and wait two minutes. You may feel a slight warmth in the skin, which is normal for some people, but if the skin feels excessively hot, becomes inflamed, itchy, or in any way uncomfortable, wash with soap and rinse well with warm water. Return the main bottle with the seals unbroken within 14 days to receive a full refund. Bottles with damaged or missing seals cannot be returned.

The return address is


18 Juniper Road,

RH2 7NH.