The positive effects of the use of plant extracts in the form of their essential oils is well documented, and the practise of aromatherapy, the application of such oils to the skin, is well established.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil contains many natural active ingredients. The potency of lavender is such that it is advisable not to apply the essential oil directly to the skin, but to suspend it in a neutral carrier medium. The carrier medium used by LAVENDER LOTION is a high-quality moisturising body lotion created especially for the task. This hydrating lotion, formulated to be absorbed into the dermal layers of the skin, conveys the essential oil into the body. Within a few short moments the surface of the skin is smooth and flexible with no trace of residue. 


Skin Care- Many skin ailments are localised to one specific area. Apply LAVENDER LOTION to the location only, and to the surrounding area to prevent spread. Wash hand immediately to prevent further contamination. If using LAVENDER LOTION as an insect repellent, use only on exposed skin not covered by clothing.

Circulation, muscles, and joints- Use sparingly on affected areas. As many symptoms of joint and muscles aches may be signs of something more serious, if symptoms persist, seek advice from a GP or other professional medical practitioner.

Nervous system- When using LAVENDER LOTION as a treatment for insomnia, nervous tension and stress related conditions, the maximum benefit may be achieved by establishing a relaxation routine in which LAVENDER LOTION plays a key part. For insomnia, establish a night time routine that includes the application of LAVENDER LOTION to arms, legs, face, neck, and torso, after a warm bath or shower before bedtime. The maximum recommended daily dosage of LAVENDER LOTION is 5g, approximately 6-7 pump applications. There is no need to apply too much lotion as the routine, once established, will supply sufficient quantities.

LAVENDER LOTION can be used to help sooth the effects of intense medical interventions. Your GP, or other medical professional can advise you as to the best use in those circumstances. In any event, if symptoms of any ailment persist, seek such professional advice.

Do not use LAVENDER LOTION during pregnancy.